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Friday, March 16, 2007

Religious leader Don Wildmon says that if Christianity goes, democracy goes

I’m sure that some of you have heard of the American Family Association. For those of you who don’t know, the AFA is a very conservative fundamentalist/evangelical group. The AFA has several million members.

The AFA likes to whine a lot. They have been complaining for a while now about how Ford advertises in gay media. For instance, the AFA claimed that Ford explicitly supported gay polygamy because they had an ad in a gay magazine that had an article on the cover regarding this issue. If somebody advertises on a TV show that they don’t like, such as Desperate Housewives, AFA members will be writing letters to advertisers (see, demanding that they pull ads from the show. When something happens on TV that they don’t like (e.g. Janet Jackson Superbowl incident or swear words on TV) you can bet that the FCC’s inboxes will be filled with “cookie-cutter” letters from AFA members. And you can’t forget that the AFA runs massive campaigns every holiday season, threatening to boycott any retailer that does not use the words “Merry Christmas” in their advertising!

I read an article by AFA founder Don Wildmon today called “Without Christian ideals, democracy dies“. It’s pretty obvious by the title that this lunatic seems to believe that Christianity (probably evangelicalism too) is necessary to keep democracy running. But it gets far, far worse!

Mr. Wildmon starts by claiming that “Islam and the Judeo/Christian faiths are clashing because adherents of both want their beliefs to serve as the foundation of cultural values, and because of the divergent paths being used to pursue their goals.” Most (sane) Americans would agree that Muslims are not actually trying to take over American culture – would this goal even be possible in the near future? But it gets worse than that!

He goes on to say that “one wants forced submission to Allah achieved by the sword; the other desires voluntary submission to God achieved by a changed heart,” speaking of Islam and Christianity. I cannot say how many things are wrong with this bigoted, inaccurate, and intolerant statement. As most sane people know, Islam is (for the most part) as peaceful of a religion as Christianity, but both religions have been intolerant at times. Has Mr. Wildmon not heard of the Crusades? It WAS “forced submission to (the Christian God) achieved by the sword” – just like he said about Islam! And I have no doubt that if he and his followers could forcibly convert America to Christianity, that they would!

He even says that “in one respect, 9/11 was the best thing that ever happened to Islam,” meaning that it “cast Islam into the mainstream of religious debate”. As I said, most people would probably agree that Muslims are not seeking cultural domination in the USA – certainly not in the forseeable future!

“In one way, you could say that ancient Greece was the forerunner of democracy. But it was the teachings of Jesus, permeated throughout the Western mind, which made the soil fertile for democracy to grow and flourish.” I am sorry, but Christianity is not what makes democracy work! And ancient Athenian democracy WAS a type of democracy – not just the “forerunner” of democracy. Maybe “democracy” to him is only in effect when a crazy evangelical Republican is in power?

“Have there been some dark moments in the history of Christianity? Of course there have been. But to define a religion, one must turn to the standard of its teachings, not to isolated events.” You just contradicted yourself there! YOU are defining Islam by events such as 9/11, claiming that its goal is “forced submission to Allah.” Of course he does admit that there have been “dark moments in the history of Christianity” but he’s wrongly judging Islam by its own “dark moments”!

And then he caps it all off by telling “those of us who choose the Christian value system to re-examine our religion’s core principles,” saying that it is necessary for democracy to survive.

What an idiot.

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