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Thursday, May 10, 2007

HD-DVD drive now available for under $100?

I was recently browsing on eBay and seller gameconsolehk is selling Toshiba SD-S802A HD-DVD drives for Xbox 360 for less than $100 shipped. At first I thought it was a typo or an unscrupulous seller. But I did some research and apparently it is the drive that Microsoft uses in the addon HD-DVD drives for the 360.

According to captain_video on the HTPCNews forum, the drive does have a non-standard connector, but you can use a laptop drive adaptor to connect it to the standard drive connector in your PC – IDE I am guessing, but possibly SATA? The drive appears to have special mounts on the sides, but maybe you can take them off to mount the drive in your PC? Aside from this, I couldn’t find a lot more information on this drive aside from eBay listings and a couple of firmware hackers.

This seems a bit weird. I find it strange that the seller seems to have no shortage of these (there are several listings), especially at such a low price. Also, if Toshiba can sell these at such a low price, why don’t they sell these at this price to the general PC user market? They would sell like hotcakes! What’s going on here?

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